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 Dresden Files RP OOC

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Victor A Yorke


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PostSubject: Re: Dresden Files RP OOC   Fri Oct 09, 2015 1:32 pm

The Great Scarecrow King wrote:
Say, how big is the portion of magical world in the general populace? In a hundred people, how many would have ties to the nether?

I'm not sure - maybe a few hundred per million know enough about the supernatural to even consider forming ties or making contacts (but not as much surviving the attempt), but I'm not sure about getting any more precise than that.

It's certainly rare enough to have for any magical evidence to be widely ignored by the real populace, because everyone knowsfaeries aren't real.

(interestingly, nobody said the supernatural community had to intersect with the Tinfoil Hat Brigade. Hardcore goths and other forms of wannabe death eater can happen upon a bookshop or meeting place of the spooky side, but without any magical talent they can't really do anything useful.

But if this RP drags its bleeding carcass far enough, I will need to introduce an NPC who stumbles across the supernatural world, but since he believes Harry Potter is real he keeps throwing away evidence and inventing his own...)

I am now definitely ill, I'm afraid, and free time priority is going to study work. You may need to hang on for a day or two... Very sorry....
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Dresden Files RP OOC
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