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Aesir Verevui

Aesir Verevui

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PostSubject: Introductions   Introductions EmptySun Jun 15, 2014 4:00 am

Hey everyone, as you can probably tell I am new here and am most definitely an outsider! I found this forum while searching for some place that offered an opportunity to roleplay in a good environment. There wasn't any way I could really get to know any of you, so I've created this introduction thread in hopes of integrating myself into the community a bit better. I guess I'll talk a bit about myself now since this is an introduction! I am a Californian that just recently graduated from high school and have a free summer before college. I enjoy anything with a story to it: history, books, movies, games, and of course roleplaying. I've done a bit of roleplaying before in a roleplay forum similar to this, but I make no claims of being exceptional at it. I hope there's room here for both participation and learning, and if you will accept me, I look forward to meeting you all. Oh and before I forget my name is Loren (A feminine name but I am not a woman); you can refer to me by my name, username, or whatever else you would like.
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